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My Life Is Like An Island
Where Does The Ocean Go?
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7th-May-2009 05:21 am - It's been.. awhile
LTRIN [ apologies ]
♠ 95[x]Let The Right One in (Swedish Horror Film)
Note: Finished watching this film a couple days ago and was blown away by the visuals and message by the end of the film. It was icon-able. ♥

let the right one in...Collapse )
29th-May-2008 11:36 pm - and five months later...
Zack [ Everything and There After ]
30[x]death note
48[x]final fantasy VII [mostly zack]
12[x]final fantasy VIII
06[x]final fantasy XIII
[x previews]

death note.Collapse )
ffviiCollapse )
ffviiiCollapse )
ffxiiiCollapse )

death note [5] sense of humor = failjuice.
should be arrested for blue and rotate abuse in ff7 section.

credits & resources used in this post
death note :: from anime stocks & death note anime/screenshot by me
Crisis Core :: silent tweak
FF8-Squall Leonhart :: llikerussia @ gamecandy
FF7 Art by the following; 6, 7, 8 (Muffy), 3 & 4(speeh @ DA), 5, & 9 came from photobucket, 1, 2's artist name cuts off.
FF8 Art by the following; Selphie by Aqua. It was off photobucket.
Table Generator :: here :: 77words @ lj
full resource list.

♠ does not require credit but fanart requires credit to the actual artist when name is given.
♠ comments not needed, but appreciated if you truly enjoyed.
♠ textless icons can be used as bases. ♥
♠ do not claim as your own.

♠ all fan art used was used without permission, if someone wishes I remove it-- no problem but it was thereeeee. *shrugs.* Any fanart you know but didn't get credit, please let me know.
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